Medical Dental Building


Medical Dental Building


Overview & History

Originally constructed in 1925 and expanded in 1950, the Medical Dental Building was envisioned as a “real medical center in Seattle”.

Original plans for expansion were set aside after the New York stock market collapsed in 1929 and private development came to a virtual standstill. In 1950, the second phase of the building was completed.

Today, the Medical Dental Building continues to serve its original mission: to provide a true health & well- ness destination in the heart of the city. The Medical Dental Building serves as a destination that caters to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle with commitments to advancements in health care, promotion of public health and providing dental & medical care for Seattle patients. In more recent years, the building un- derwent an extensive rehabilitation and today offers tenants of every industry state-of-the-art office suites, valet parking services, a Winter Garden and more.