Medical Dental Building

Comfortable seating where you can relax.

Medical Dental Building

Micro Market

Medical Dental Building

3rd Floor Conference Room

Medical Dental Building

3rd Floor Floral Shop

Medical Dental Building

3rd Floor Tenant Lounge

Building Features and Amenities:

Health and Fitness:
The building has a small gym with several variations of cardio and muscle-building machines, as well as state of the art locker rooms and towel service for building tenants. Contact the management office to set-up access!

A pharmacy is conveniently located on 6th Avenue inside Bartell Drugs, “Your neighborhood Drug Store Since 1890”.

Valet Parking:
The Medical Dental Building offers an onsite parking garage that is available to all tenants, customers and/or tourist in the Seattle area. This garage is valet only and is open Monday through Sunday with “early bird” and “shopper” specials. Validations are also available for purchase through Diamond Parking located on 6th Avenue next to Nordstrom Flagship store. For more information call 206-292-9713.

Executive Conference Room:
The Medical Dental Building offers a state of the art newly built executive conference room. The conference room is located on the 3rd floor equipped with a Smart TV, Click Share, HDMI cabling for laptop connection, conference call capability and its own private kitchen for catering.  Tables interchangeable allowing for training session as well.  Call the Management Office for reservations!

Laundry Services:
The Medical Dental Building also provides a laundry facility for tenants of the building. The facility is located on the 11th floor – code access is required. Be sure to schedule your time in advance, this amenity is a very popular amongst the tenants!

Micro Market:
The Medical Dental Building offer’s a convenient fresh market, located on the 3rd floor, which is utilized exclusively by the tenants of the building. Located in the Winter Garden you can find access to a variety of comfortable seating, appliances and a multitude of fresh, reduced-calorie, low-sodium options to help manage a healthy diet and lifestyle. The food selection is provided by Tassi Micro Markets. Code access is required.