~ Free Seattle Hypnosis w/Roger Moore ~ Weds, March 11th – 12-1pm

Medical Dental Building

February 23, 2015

Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore Meetup


“Death by overwork”

Wednesday, March 11, Noon to 1:00
Winter Garden Conference Room

Are you working too many hours? Job stressors vary, but the stress affects the body in similar ways. There’s the stress caused by interpersonal conflict, high-stakes careers, computer technology and e-commerce. There’s the stress caused by jobs that expect you to sell your soul or sacrifice your integrity and the stress of feeling powerless or lacking control in the workplace. And, of course, the stress of working more than 8 hours each day and more than 5 days a week. All of this in addition to personal relationships, family, and bills to pay.

You will learn mindfulness based techniques to help you survive and thrive.

Roger Moore
Suite 1558

~ MDB Technology Lunch & Learn! Weds., Feb. 25th ~


February 19, 2015

Join us at the Technology Lunch & Learn sponsored by ReallyFast.net, Greene Information Systems and Persephone!  The event will be held on February 25th in the 3rd FL Winter Garden Conference Room from 11:30AM to 2:00PM.  For details and RSVP information, please see below: