~ October MDB Tenant Newsletter ~

Medical Dental Building

September 25, 2014

10 OCT 2014

MDB Scaffolding and Terra Cotta Repairs


September 23, 2014

The Medical Dental Building is a beautiful Historic building in the heart of downtown Seattle!  The Building was established in the 1920’s and has Terra Cotta that covers approximately 20% of the Building.  In an effort to preserve the Building,  we will begin restoring the Terra Cotta the week of September 22nd.  The restorations will take place on Olive Way above Bartell Drug’s, Cherry Street Coffee House and the Main Lobby entrance.  The Management Team strives to keep our tenants informed of upcoming construction to the Building.  Beginning the evening of September 22nd, scaffolding will begin, which helps ensure the safety of all tenants, patients and guests of the Building.  Once the scaffolding is in place, the Terra Cotta repairs will begin.  The schedule and repairs to the Terra Cotta will be dependent on weather conditions as repairs cannot take place during inclement weather periods.  Our hope is to have this 2nd phase, of a 5 year project completed in 4-5 weeks.   We’d like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this time!

~ MDB Management

~ Study Group for Dental Administrators ~


September 10, 2014



3rd Floor Atrium/conference room

Study Group for Dental Administrators

Mary Fremont with Fortune Management will speak on team stress and tips to avoid it.  This meeting  will be hosted by Lorraine Fournier and lunch will be provided.  Please plan to attend this informative meeting.  RSVP to Gisela Grieb  at  gg@theronbaker.com

Mark your calendars for future meetings: Thursday October 16th at 1 PM and Thursday November 20th at 1 PM.  Topics to be announced.

Hope to see you all there!